Egypt’s Underwater Treasures… are its Natural Beauty!

ETA 1_ME00121.jpgEgypt’s underwater seascapes of Technicolor coral reefs and tropical fish are seen at their best close-up, but you don’t have to be a diver to sample the spectacular view. Snorkeling is a safe, simple alternative if diving is a bit too daunting. You don’t need bulky equipment or much instruction and you can go virtually anywhere.
It is time to take part in an undersea excursion. Fine sand, exotic fish and calm, translucent waters: perfect elements in an unforgettable diving experience. From Taba to Marsa Alam, by way of Nuweiba, Dahab and Sharm El-Sheikh: the Red Sea coast holds many surprises for every diver – beginner and veteran alike. All year round, professional diving clubs take avid sea-lovers on excursions to view parrotfish, angelfish and clownfish,
Groupers, sharks, dolphins and barracudas will surround you in your expedition. With plenty of coral reefs, sandy depths and shipwrecks to explore, swimming through this medley of fascinating ecosystems is a uniquely delightful experience…. an experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Snorkeling in the Red Sea is an amazing experience contrasting the arid desert landscape with the diversity of the sea-beds of the Red Sea, 2,300 km long and 350 km wide, on the African coast and the Southern point of Sinai. The Red Sea is easily accessible to experienced divers and beginners, with calm, clear, warm water (21 to 30°C), well-preserved coral reefs and many fish. It boasts some exceptional diving sites such as the Tiran islands, the underwater walls at Ras Mohammed and Ras Samadai, Elphinstone, the Dahab canyons, Safaga, Mersa Alam…

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The sport and supervision: All year round, professional diving clubs led by Internationally Certified Instructors offer dives in search of parrot, angel and clown fish, sharks, barracudas and also lead dives to wrecks. Underwater trails will lead you with the use of mask, snorkel and fins over endless coral reefs. Also available are initiation dives or sport diving (limited to 30 m deep), from a boat or from the beach, at numerous points along the coast, a medical certificate may be required by some operators.

Diving cruise: From 8 to 15 days expeditions in the Red Sea accompanied by dive guides are also available. Several dives per day at the most beautiful locations; location and level of difficulty are easily adapted to participants’ abilities… Levels of comfort in the cabins vary with the vast fleet of operators from luxuries surroundings to the most basic of accommodations to fit every explorers travel needs.

The best time to go: April to June and mid-September to mid-November, light winds and pleasant temperatures. Vast number of fish to see from mid-July to the end of August in the 28°C waters of Ras Mohammed.

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