Snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands

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The British Virgin Islands is a pristine destination with numerous powdery white-sand beaches, and lush green mountains. All of the islands have their own unique charm, for instance, Virgin Gorda is dramatically shaped, while Anegada is the only coral island in the BVI chain of islands. Each of our islands offers a range of spectacular snorkeling. The British Virgin Islands is known as the playground for water sport lovers.

lady in water.jpgThere are a number of snorkeling spots on Tortola but the most popular is, Smuggler’s Cove. This is a great spot for the novice snorkeler. The area has a beautiful u-shape cove, filled with lovely white sand and a very large reef. The reef stretches from the edge of the shore outwards several hundred yards. The organisms found in this area are sea fans, sponges, parrot fish, wrasses, elk horns and brain corals which make a delightful way to see the BVI’s underwater world. Other great beaches to snorkel on Tortola are Cane Garden Bay and Brewer’s Bays.

The Indians has a very exotic marine life which is located off the shores of Norman Island. The towering formations are so overwhelming that it is said that the true treasure of the area is found looking down. The habitat range from parrotfish to violet Creole wrasse that seemingly appear from nowhere to envelope snorkelers and disappear.

A different type of booty for snorkelers can be found at Norman Island Caves. The Caves are famous for its tales of buried treasure. Seen at the Caves are friendly yellow tails and sergeant major. The highlight of the Caves is shimmer, which has pastel coating of orange cup coral and red covering sponge. Another area to visit for snorkeling on Norman Island is Benures Bay on the north eastern shore.

snorkelling.jpgVirgin Gorda is known for the purest snorkeling site in the BVI, which is found at The Baths. The Baths is the BVI’s natural wonder, with large granite boulders stacked and strewn across white sand beaches. The granite boulders form caverns and grottoes filled with shallow wading pools of the crystal sea. The site welcomes snorkelers to discover: coral, sponges, and marine life encrusted on the underside of the boulders. There are other areas that are great for snorkeling on Virgin Gorda such as, Little Dix Bay. These are ideal for beginners.

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The novice snorkelers will enjoy Jost Van Dyke, especially the remarkably calm waters of White Bay. This Bay is where snorkelers can see the many moving shoals of fish trying to elude hungry pelicans and streak through the water in the form of indigo blue stripes. The Green Cay and Sandy Spit are other great snorkeling spots in the vicinity of Jost Van Dyke especially for cruising yachtsman.



This article was compliments of travelbelize .org.